Roseville Escape


The concept

🔒The universe of the game

Immerse yourself in an exhilarating adventure. Let yourself be locked in a fantastic universe with striking scenery.

⚙️Find the solution

By showing curiosity, a little logic and ingenuity, collect the clues, thwart the traps and solve the puzzles.

⌛Counting down

Work as a team to complete your mission. If you get there in less than 60 minutes you will be rewarded.

Who is it for?

Roseville Escape Game is suitable for all ages. Our puzzles have no physical or scary elements. The storyline has been designed to satisfy the interest of both novices and escape game experts.

👪Group of friends and family

An unusual activity to do with family or friends.


Passing through the region with a desire to have an exhilarating experience designed on regional themes?


To strengthen team spirit or just have a good time with the work gang.


A new opportunity to promote group cohesion or organize job interviews.

Who are we ?