escape room

Roseville Escape

1802 Corseaux near vevey

The adventure in which you are the hero

Roseville Escape Room offers an unforgettable life-size adventure in unusual settings. The Escape Game in Roseville involves escaping from a room in less than 60 minutes. Locked in an immersive environment, the players, in groups of 2 to 6 participants regardless of the room, look for clues scattered around the room. Then combine them in order to solve the puzzles that allow you to advance in the riddle and exit the room.

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Absolutely awesome !


I can only recommend!

Be careful, when you leave you will only have one desire:  restart !

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A computer bug destroyed all the knowledge stored on the internet, including a famous chocolate recipe. You are committed to go back in time to find her ...

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Lavaux is just an arid land on which only a few mushrooms grow laboriously. You have to go back in time to restore the conditions of yesteryear ...

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The Fun Fair

Finally freed from a confinement of several years, you discover the remains of a mega funfair planned before; will you be able to restore it and help people find laughter and smiles again?

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“Roseville makes us evolve in an environment where every detail is studied to generate enthusiasm and adrenaline but without oppression”

“Breathtaking home-made decorations, original and regional scenarios, everything is simply“ Awesome! ” ”

“Since without a perfect cohesion of all the adventurers nothing says that you can get out this concept is just perfect for our collaborators”